Why am I so Tired all the time?!

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Why am I SO Tired all the Time?!

Wakeup, coffee, get kids ready for school, squeeze in a quick shower and throw some make up on your face, drop kids to school, head to work, coffee, work all day (stuffing any type of food into your mouth when you get a spare minute), 3pm – more coffee/vending machine, pick kids up from school/after school care/ activities, head home, cook dinner, battle through homework/school readers, battle through bedtime routine, then pray for that ‘magic time’ where you are left alone before you need to head to bed to start it all over again…..but then you see the washing pile, or hubby wants a ‘special cuddle’.

Sound familiar?

You are not alone.

Women are doing more, achieving more, ‘having it all’, but boy are we paying the price..
Crazy hormones, mood swings, PMS/pain, unreasonable expectation of ourselves (and others!), weight gain and fatigue.

So what if we made ourselves a priority?
What if we squeezed in some time each day to ‘fill our cup’ so to speak?

Here are 5 EASY things that you can do TODAY, that will make a massive difference to your energy levels and how you are coping with stress:

1/ Drink more water – honestly, this is one of the things that I need to remind nearly all my patients – fill a water bottle in the morning and have it with all the time. When its empty, fill it again. Have it in plain sight, as a reminder to drink.
Dehydration will reduce your energy levels by about 10%.
Free and simple.
You fill your children’s water bottles. Time to fill yours.

2/ Meal Prep – This doesn’t have to be those perfect instagram worthy shots we see on social media…..this can be as simple as filling a container with rice crackers/carrot sticks and a small tub of hummus…..the lovely blend of fats/carbs/protein will be incredible at 3pm!
Another simple idea is a small apple and a small handful/box of natural almonds.

3/ Use your slow cooker – I don’t think that I could survive without mine….oh the horror!!
Popping a whole chook or roast lamb in there in the morning, you come home, steam some veggies/throw together a salad, and viola, you have dinner!

4/ Reduce the coffee – I know that you will be hating on me right now, but I promise you, reducing your coffee intake will stop the rollercoaster ride of energy peaks and troughs….I love coffee and have one in the morning (with some coconut oil in it, where is another story for another day!).
If you are hankering for something during the day….try a green tea ( I can’t stand green tea straight, I have a green tea and peppermint blend).
You are also setting yourself up for a good nights sleep, which will lead to a better tomorrow!

5/ Get to bed! – I understand…the only time to get some downtime is late at night, but you are cutting your nose off to spite your face there.
10pm bedtime. At the latest.
No phones after 8:30. Gasp!
Reset your circadian rhythm to allow you to rebalance your melatonin and cortisol (sleep and wake hormones), so that you can wake refreshed.

So which of these can you do TODAY to feel better?

Can you look at these changes with a sense of curiosity?
Try them out for size?

Things are simple things that create BIG changes and results for many women – let me know how you go!

Big love and plenty of energy,
x Katie

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