Top Tips to Kick Start your Spring Detox at Home

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Its spring! Hooray we all shout!
It time to fling open the doors, air out the house and let that (somewhat) stagnant energy of winter move and change.
It’s the same with our bodies.
Spring is the time to renew and re-energise before the long, hot (and often depleting) energy of summer.

So how do we do detox and get this ‘spring in our step’?

Firstly, healthy detoxification is about supporting ALL the eliminatory organs (kidneys, liver, bowel, gut, lymph and skin) to rid the bodies of toxic build up (healthy detoxification is not taking laxatives or sipping on any number of those ‘skinny teas’ flooding the market!).
Yes, these organs are doing every day, but it’s incredible how much better you can feel when you give them a helping hand.

So, keeping in mind, all the organs that need your love, the following practices are a great start to your detoxification program, and will see you getting noticeable changes in how you feel:

1 Practice breathing deeply for at least 5 minutes a day (or realistically, whenever you can) …deep belly breathes moves organs around, stimulating digestion and moves you into ‘rest and digest’ mode, where you can get what you need from your food and eliminate the rest.
2 Reduce or eliminate foods and drinks that tend to cause sluggishness, poor digestion and contribute little to no nutrition e.g. alcohol, caffeinated drinks, cigarettes, refined sugars, gluten and processed foods – the best thing you can do is say ‘no’ to that coffee and ‘yes’ to that green tea (or other tea on offer) when meeting up with friends.

3 Add in cruciferous vegetables because are amazing detoxifiers. e.g. Cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, Brussels sprouts and other vegetables from the same family provide a compound called sulforaphane, offering potent antioxidant activity that is anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer, helping to rid the body of harmful toxins and combat their negative effects.
4 Drink up Drinking plenty of water each day helps to flush out toxins and waste from the body. Aim for 2L a day – this can be herbal teas, water (warm or room temp please!) – NOT black tea and coffee.
5 Chemical cleaners and personal productsSwitch to eco-friendly, natural household cleaners and personal health care.
We now know a whole new class of chemicals that are referred to as ‘obesigens’ because they disrupt hormones that contribute to weight gain. Fun huh?
6 Plastics Reduce the use of hormone disrupting plastics. NEVER microwave in anything plastic, always use glass or ceramic plates where available.
Using plastics exposes you to BPA and phthalates (obesigens) which are dangerous and hormone disrupting chemicals.
There are so many cool glass and stainless steel water bottle around – there really isn’t any need to use plastic!
7 Fibre Eat foods rich in fibre to help support your body’s natural digestive detoxification pathway (the bowels). Fibre binds to toxins and excess hormones and helps eliminate them effectively via the stool.
Sources are: ideally organic or home grown fresh fruits and vegetables including lots of leafy greens, and small amounts of whole grains or seeds such as quinoa, buckwheat, chia and oats.
9 Sweat it out – Via the infrared……
10 Modified fasting This one is safe for EVERYONE – You can simply ensure you go at least 12 hours without food overnight, from the time you finish eating at night to the time you have breakfast the next morning. If you have dinner at 6pm, then you don’t consume any food until at least 6am. This gives the body a chance to digest what it needs and move what it doesn’t through the digestive tract.
Many people have had amazing results from this diet in terms of weight lost and energy and vitality gained.
And one more for good luck……
11 Consult your naturopath…. (ahem, me) What you need to detox is going to differ from the person next to you. To get the best results, implement these changes, and get in touch for a personalized plan that includes herbs, nutrients and dietary/lifestyle planning.
It’s time to work on your health. Your way, so book now at

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