The Pathology of Being Busy

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‘How are you?’

‘Great! Flat out! Haven’t had a second to scratch myself!”

Cue: impressed look.

 And a different way….

‘How are you?’

‘Great! I have been really cruising lately. I have removed so many things from my schedule that didn’t matter, I actually have some time to relax!’

Cue: Gasp. Wow. ‘Um, that’s great! I have to go now, you know, flat out’ (and was there a hint of jealousy there?)

I got thinking this morning.

After observing my children throughout the school holidays, I concluded that they have forgotten how to ‘do nothing’ (yes, I know that this is a misnomer as even when we are doing ‘nothing’, we are still doing ‘something’).

I think that during the school day, each and every moment is accounted for, they have direction and are busy. (this not where I digress and get into a conversation about home school btw).

I will slightly digress though and say that when the kids presented me with ‘I’ve got nothing to do’, they quickly found something to occupy themselves when I answered ‘no worries! I can give you a job!’.

But seriously, those slow moments are the times where our bodies ‘reset’, hormones balance, digestion occurs and our nervous system rests.

It reminds me of when, at the end of the class, the yoga teachers say ‘Savasana is the most important pose, it’s the one we have been working towards all class, the time when you integrate all the changes and shifts from the other poses’.

Hmmmmm. Off the mat, isn’t that exactly what happens when we slow down?


When did we glorify busyness?

When did we martyr ourselves by being busy?

When did we decided that that relaxing and taking time for ourselves was ‘selfish’?

Our society has become obsessed with ‘doing’ and achieving tangible results.

Our egos like this. Our egos like the reaction we get when we tell ours that we have been ‘flat out’. It feels important.

(this is the equivalent to smashing out all the power poses and head stands during your yoga class and jumping and running out before savasana).

But remember, this is where the MAGIC HAPPENS.

When you slow down, you notice the little things – where you see that your ten years’ smile has changed (yup, in the last few weeks I have seen so much growing up) or you notice that you have been shallow breathing all day.

You can then savour them or change them.


Quick tip – one of the fastest and easiest ways to relax (no matter where you are) is to take 5 long, slow breathes).

Life is life, we all have jobs, kids and other commitments,

but I’m asking you,

challenging you,

to look at this schedule and see where you can carve out some slow time?

What if your life depended on it? (and I’ll go as far to say it does, at least the quality of it).


What in your diary can you ‘say no’ too?


Be brave and let me know what you come up with!


Yours in health and happiness,


Katie x

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