Summer Bods are Made in Winter?! (Oh Please)

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Spring is JUST around the corner!

Que: everyone getting their extreme detox on, in the frenzy to get that ‘summer bod’.

Before we start freaking out about the whole ‘summer bodies are made in winter’ notion (which quite frankly makes no sense), let’s have a look at the energetics of spring, and why we would undertake a spring detox.

Energetics of Spring:

  • Green – that colour of growth and renewal (and green foods are great detoxifiers)
  • Wind – this is associated with movement after the stagnancy and introversion of winter
  • Taste – sour – detoxifying foods and drinks that are sour give you that ‘zing’ that’s needed after winter
  • Organs – Liver and gallbladder – detoxifying organs! Your liver filtering and detoxes and your gallbladder produces bile for your gut to do its detoxifying as well

TCM considers the person to be in disharmony when there increased heat and congestion, anger, irritability, increase blood pressure, headaches, exhaustion gut issues (e.g. IBS), bloating, gas, blood sugar dysregulation…. all things that indicate we need to detox!

What is Detox?

Its assisting your eliminatory organs to eliminate toxins and ‘junk’ that has been accumulated via poor diet, lack of exercise, environmental toxin exposure (this is even the air we breathe every day!), as well as alcohol and drug intake.

Supporting ALL the eliminatory organs is essential (no crazy liver and laxative abuse here thanks!):

  • Liver
  • Lymphatic
  • Gut
  • Bowel
  • Kidneys
  • Skin

…and just like we would never jam our feet into someone else’s shoes that don’t fit, we don’t assume that one detox will be suitable for all.

So How Do You Want to Feel?

  • Lose a few kg?
  • Bounce out of bed in the morning?
  • Still be energised and alert at the end of the day?
  • Ditch that god awful 3pm slump (where you reach for the sugar or caffeine)
  • Improve your mood? (I can’t promise you won’t yell at the kids, but it won’t be nearly as much. I promise)
  • Have people ask you ‘what’s changed?’ (they will. I have had feedback)

Start Your Detox at Home:

  • Ditch the caffeine (yep, I can hear your gasp) – at least cut back
    • Include green tea during the day – a bit of a caffeine boost, hydrating and helping with liver detoxification
  • Add greens to every meal – yes, breakfast, yes, lunch, and yes dinner
    • Handfuls of salads, piles of steams broccoli, get it into you. I promise you, you will feel great…within 1 day.
  • Go shopping – stock your fridge with fresh vegetables and fruit (throw out the rubbish, or at least hide it from view)
  • Gentle exercise – yoga, walking (swing those arms to get the abdominal area twisting), or gym sessions with a PT that is aware that you are detoxing.
  • Skin brushing – the skin in the largest eliminatory organ (and sadly forgotten in this role) – skin brushing help toxin removal by improving blood circulation and stimulated the lymphatic system (moving toxins and reducing stagnation).
  • Epsom salt bath – Epsom salts are actually magnesium sulphate crystals and are VERY well absorbed via the skin.
    • Fill your bath and throw in a full cup to dissolve (none of this 2 tablespoon business, you need more!)
    • Take a nice big bottle of water in with you – drink the lot!
    • Relax for as long as you like (until the water starts to get cold, and you are all wrinkly is my plan).
  • Drink Water – lots and lots of it, when you are detoxing, toxins are released from fat cells and the liver, if you don’t drink enough water and eliminate via the bowels, then they are reabsorbed.
    • 3L of water daily (try to drink this over the course of the day and evening)
  • Increase your poop – I can see you squirm (and a few of you smirk). As mentioned, eliminating toxins via the bowels is incredibly important.
    • Take 2 tsp of chia seeds mixed in water (IMPORTANT – if you increase your fibre intake and not your water, you will end up constipated. Not fun).

So there you have it.

Some great ways to start your detox process for spring.

Remember – every positive little change you make is taking you in the direction that you want to go – so come back to asking yourself…

‘How Do I Want to Feel?’.

If you need extra support, accountability, motivation and the BEST practitioner only products to get you real results, I invite you to work with me, where we tailor a detox package for you, please check out my ‘Spring Detox Program’….

I can’t wait to help you move from sluggish, tired and frumpy to energised and happy in your own body!

X Katie


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