Sleep and Herbs

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Sleep and Herbs:


Herbal medicine is a passion of mine, and there are lots of herbs that can be used for sleep issues.

First and foremost, we need to ask the million-dollar question – why aren’t you sleeping well?

Is depression/anxiety an issue for you?

Are you getting to sleep easily and waking up throughout the night?

Are you having trouble falling asleep?

(hopefully you have all implemented the ‘Sleep – How to Get it!” rules from last week, so you will be in a better situation to be able to see what is going on for you).


Ok, done that? Cool.

Lets crack on.


*So, the safest and most effective away for you to work at home with herbal medicine is in tea form – please don’t think this is ineffective – sometimes it can take some people longer to see effect, but you are here to improve your health right? So take a breath, and sip the tea:).


So, as promised, I have cut through the crap and put together a table so you can see what might suit you:


Herb:Common uses:Side effects/Interactions:


1 cup in the evening (to start).

–       Insomnia, anxiety

–       Improves sleep quality

–       Reduces night waking


–       This herb sounds amazing and it can be for many – not for everyone, have a cup and see how you feel – a small percentage had a ‘paradoxal effect” – it keeps them awake!

–       Not to be used with barbiturates.

St John’s WortDepression–       Reduces efficacy of oral contraception (DO NOT TAKE IF ON OCP)
Passionflower (one of my favs!)

4-8g as a tea

(about 2 tsps.)



–       NOT in pregnancy
Chamomile (love a passionflower and chamomile blend)Sedative–       Avoid in allergies (rare)


0.5g dried herb

Sedative–       NOT in pregnancy

–       NOT in oestrogen dependant breast cancer

Lemon Balm


¼ – 1 tsp dried herb.


Sleep promoting

–       Non – considered safe


Health Hack – I love to combine a few of these herbs (get creative!) together and sip a pot of tea over the evening after dinner (bust out out best tea pot and cup and it will feel luxurious and relaxing, I promise).

You will find they are available in your local health food store/ bulk food store.

Benefits: – hydrating, relaxing, calming to the digestive system and giving you the herbal benefits to promote sleep.


X Katie



*When you work with me regarding your health concerns, I tailor make herbal formulas that gets sent to you by the herb fairies (no, not really, good old local couriers will handle that).

The formula is perfectly safe for you (yes, as an individual) and is a specific dosage tailored to your needs……as passionate about herbal medicine as I am, I am equally passionate about safe prescribing of herbal medicine.

Herbs are a medicine that can harm or heal you, just like pharmaceutical medicines.

Self-prescribing of liquid herbs (which are very strong) can lead to bigger issues than you started with, or you take the wrong dosage and nothing happens (if I had a dollar for every client that has had that experience!).




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