Have you put off working on your health because you are simply too busy?


Taking the time to work on your stress feels like additional stress in your life?

What if you could get the help (that you are constantly giving to others) without adding more to your plate?

What if you could 'hand over' those health concerns in a completely convenient time and place for you?

What if your personalised treatment plan and health report was delivered to your inbox within 24 hours?

What if your prescription arrived at your doorstep within 3 days?

What if you received reminders about subsequent consultations the day before?


What if the process of sorting out your health was as simple as booking (below) and showing up on Skype at the arranged time?


You are supported.

You are taken care of.

You are heard.


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As a Busy, Working Mum, I Understand the Barriers to Self-Care...

I also understand how important it is for us to care for ourselves (we are the centre of our homes!).

Without us - the castle crumbles.

Its time to fill YOUR cup, so you can continue to fill others.

Who is Katie Barron Naturopath?

Hi! I am a degree qualified naturopath specialising in womens health and well-being.

I have a special 'knack' for tuning into what women need (ok, and applying a lot of science in the process), and have come to notice that when women take time to nourish themselves and make their health a priory, their whole family thrives.

I am also a wife, business owner and mother of two energetic girls who understands the juggle.

After putting off seeing the dentist four times in a row (scheduling and rescheduling), I saw there was a need for women to take care of their health easily and effortlessly, in a time that suits them!

To offer a health care system that doesn't seem like 'another chore'.

To take the mystery out of seeing naturopath.

To develop a system where it was incredible easy to work with me.

A system that fits in with your busy life.

Book Your Consultation Easily Here

The Consultation Process...

1/ Book your consultation at your most convenient time (below).

2/ Be available at that time via Skype (or Facebook video messenger).

3/ Be open and honest during our consultation (this is YOUR time).

4/ At the end of our time together, I will send you a link to order your high quality prescription and a link to rebook our follow up together (if we don't do it during out time together).

5/ Rebook and order you prescription right then and there (remember this is YOUR time!).

6/ Your treatment plan will be emailed to you within 24 hours - this will have a short summary of what we discussed, lifestyle/dietary changes and where we go from there.

7/ Implement all we have discussed and watch your health, energy levels and hormones improve!

Ready to Start Feeling Energised and In Control?
  • You are Supported

    Your Treatment plan – your way.

    Your treatment plan supports your lifestyle and schedule.

  • You are Taken Care of

    When you are constantly there for others, its now time to ‘hand it over’

  • You are Heard

    When most of your day is spent listening to others and ‘putting out fires’, it’s now time to speak about what you want and need.

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