Have I really turned into one of ‘those’ women? Have you?

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Am I really ‘that’ woman?????

Ok, so here’s the deal. I am a self-confessed control freak.

I am the queen of my family and I rule with an iron fist.

I make the decisions about what we eat, and when.

I am the one that makes the decisions about what type of food we buy and, for the most part, what we do with our time.

I am also the one that likes to jump up and down and say that I need more help.

So what happens when I get it?

What happens when I get that ‘hall pass’? (from family life, certainly not from my marriage…that sounds WAY too complicated for me).

I’ll tell you what happens…I freak out.

I am going to Bali on Tuesday morning, sounds amazing right?

So lets dig a little deeper….

…this means a night in a hotel in Brisbane on Monday night, a Tuesday morning flight and am not returning until the following Wednesday morning.

A week and half of blissful, amazing, kid free massages, yoga, learning and connecting with other naturopaths that I have been lucky enough to get to know.


Am I excited? Hell yeah.


Am I confronted? Hell yeah.


Has it bought up all my ‘control freak stuff’? Hell yeah.


I am a woman who has travelled around the world, with and without other people.

I am woman who has moved countries, states, and taken risks to follows my dreams.

I am also a woman who has worried that my kids will eat too much cheese while I am away and end up with a belly ache.

I am also a woman who worries that my husband won’t cut the sandwiches just so resulting in miss 7 not eating them them (gasp!).

I am woman who worries that that same husband won’t put enough sunscreen on and also leave them out in the sun at ‘peak time’.

So I ask you… am I am ‘good mum’ or a martyr?

I have a very capable husband, who adores his daughters, and two daughters who are capable and of the age where my role modelling is SO important.

When did we, as women, confuse ‘good mum’ with martyr?

When did we weave this crazy web for ourselves (and yes, the majority of women I know are just like me – unable to let go).

So today, I remind myself that I AM the queen of my world, of my family.

I am a queen that deserves a break (and even if I don’t, I will take one anyway).

I am a queen that is making changes in the way things have always been done

I am a mother who is role modelling self-care to my daughters, shamelessly and unapologetically.


So today I have had my hair done, met a friend for lunch and will pack for my fabulous break…like the queen I am.

Where can you take a break?

Where can you give your nervous system and hormones some love (trust me, your body WILL release stored weight, toxins, and excess hormones when it feels safe and relaxed enough to do so).

This could be a massage, a weekend away, or simply an afternoon reading on your bed.

It could be (finally) taking that first step towards improving your health (I’ll be back in clinic for you soon!).

It could be a long leisurely bath in the evening.

Hand it over, let it go, give yourself some time out and reap the benefits of coming back to yourself, allowing your family to connect in different ways they couldn’t if you were there and nourishing your body.

Ill check in from Bali!

Xx Katie



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