Hair/Saliva Test – Standard 500 Items


Congratulations on solving the missing piece of your health puzzle!

So what are the 500 Items that get tested?

Please download the list here:

(Please purchase the extra lists – Coles, Woollies and Aldi separately).




What do I have to do?

1/ Download the order form, print and fill out.

2/ Purchase the ‘Hair Analysis Test – Standard 500 Items’ (on this page).

3/ Cut a small amount of hair from your head* (see the order form for an indication of how to cut).

*if you are bald, please turn a small plastic bag inside out (a ‘snack sized’ plastic bag is perfect) and swab around the inside of your mouth. Turn the bag back in the right way, seal and post along with your order form to the address above.

4/ Send the order form and hair/saliva sample to:

Katie Barron Naturopath

14 Banksia Ave

Cabarita Beach

NSW 2488


5/ Begin a diet diary – a basic journal of what you eat for each meal whilst you wait for your results (this could be up to 3 weeks).

6/ Your results will be emailed to you.

Take some time to thoroughly go through the report taking note of the RED foods (this are the foods that you are NOT allowed until the retest).

7/ Reply to my email. There will be a link to book a 15-minute FREE clarification call about your results.

8/ Track your symptoms – in your report, there is a section for tracking your symptoms relief. Please take note of these each week.

9/ After 5 months of eliminating the foods that are not compatible to you (in RED), it will be time to retest (book here)

This will allow you to see if you are ready to reintroduce any incompatible foods back into your diet.

What if I Want Extra Support with my Test?

Although it’s not essential to have a consultation to accompany your hair test, it will certainly yield the best results, and make dietary changes smoother.

With your purchase you have a 15-minute clarification chat included, which is time to run through the report and explain to you how to keep track of your symptoms.

If you would like to have extra support with dietary planning and assessment of your diet diary you have been keeping, please book a ‘Let’s Get Started Initial Consultation’ to get the best results: 



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