‘Coming Up for Air’: – Resurfacing from Fatigue



  • Overwhelm?
  • barely coping with PMS each month?
  • not interested in that special ‘love time’ with hubby?
  • losing it at family and friends?
  • a muffin top around the middle that won’t budge with any type of exercise and diet?

A general feeling of sinking under all the stress and pressure of life.

In this 6 module, self directed ecourse, you have all the resources and information you need to create change in your life, to shift the way you are feeling, to start feeling.

energised, in control, relaxed and empowered.

The course has been structured in its delivery to give you the content and activities in such a way to avoid overwhelm, and to give you the REAL information you need to heal hormones, and create health habits that will then create a legacy of health in other in your life.

Its a beautiful way to get started on your healing path and create healthy habits for life!




Its time to ditch the fatigue, overwhelm and stress!

Each week you will receive an email with all the videos, PDF handouts, checklists and quizzes you need.

You will be given qualified information about the way you are feeling and why you are doing the activities you are doing.

Once you have been through the course, you have it for life!

Which means, you can go back and refresh anytime!


Course outline:

Module 1:

  • Welcome, my story, what is stress/overwhelm/anxiety.
  • ‘Get Real’ – a self assessment (a look at how we are feeling now).
  • Get Nourished’ – learn how to eat to heal burnout.

Module 2:

‘Get Clear’ – we work out where we want to be, how we want things to look

‘Get Organised’ – simple stratagies to make our lives easier (freeing up time for ourselves)

‘Go Herbal’ – discussion about herbal medicine, and herbs to assist with burnout

Module 3:

‘Chuck it’ – we learn the easiest way to get rid of things to create space for the things we really want

‘Get Grateful’ – Gratitude will change you life. Period. Learn how to implement a simple practice that will change things for you.

Module 4:

‘Get Strong’ – Learn about how your boundaries with people are affecting your health and the best ways put boundaries in place (without offending the mother in law!)

Module 5:

‘Get Moving’ – Learn about the certain type of exercise that will shift excess weight in burnout, heal hormones and how to add it to even the busiest schedule with minimum fuss.

Module 6:

‘Get real’ (again) – reassess where you are now, to compare to where you started, learn about how celebrating and rewarding yourself impacting your health and strengthens health habits and really cement in the changes you have made for yourself and everyone around you.


I can’t wait to for you to get started on your path to REAL recovery from fatigue.





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