‘Ditch the Burnout’ Package



3 month package – valued at over $1000.

For weekly payments less that what is normally spent on wine and coffee, you will receive qualified naturopathic support, email contact and high quality, practitioner only supplements.

This package is perfect if you are feeling:

–       Tired (ok, exhausted) and overwhelmed

–       Demotivated

–       Hormonal

–       Unattractive

–       Irritable

–       Short-tempered

–       Low libido (or non-existent)

–       Lacking in restful sleep


By the end of 3 months, you can expect to:

  • Lose 2-3kg (if you need to)
  • Not yell at your kids so much
  • Double your energy levels
  • Have friends and acquaintances asking about your new ‘glow’


Why Buy a Package? (Can’t I just pay visit by visit?)

3 months is the time frame that it requires to get you feeling better.

With a commitment to 3 months, we can ensure:

  1. Longevity of care (3 months to plan, execute and see results)
  2. A personal commitment to your health
  3. Real results (remember how you WANT to feel?)
  4. A financially viable way to manage your health (direct debit plan available)




What Do I get?

  • 1 x inital skype consultation
    • This is where we delve deeply into your current and past heath history, set goals, and develop a plan to achieve your goals.
  • 4 x skype consultations – pre-planned (so you can pop them straight in your diary)
    • This is where we discuss progress, answer questions, track results, change anything and keeps you on track!
    • Duration: 45mins
  • A practitioner only Multivitamin
  • A practitioner only Fish oil
  • Weekly emails of motivation to keep you on track and remind you how far you have come
  • Factsheets – PDFs
    • Self-care for burnout women
    • Hormone health (how to dance with them, not fight them!)
    • ‘Swap its’ (foods, personal care products, cleaning products)
    • How to deal with restaurants and nights out
    • Booklist (books to nurture and info you)
  • Access to the best ‘practitioner only’* products that are available on the market – any supplements that I prescribe will be ordered and sent to you within days of our consultation*.
*’Practitioner Only’ products are high quality supplements that only qualified naturopaths have access to (ensuring you aren’t overcharged for sub quality products you don’t need).

**Supplements other than multivitamin and fish oil are charged separately

What’s Holding Me Back?

  • ‘Time’ – The flexibility of skype means you can meet me in your PJ’s with your cuppa at a convenient time (this is another reason we pre-plan – when it is scheduled, it’s happening!).
  • ‘Money’ – Please, take advantage of our direct debit plan.
  • ‘Lack of Knowledge’ – Just like I don’t attempt to handle my taxes, but hand it over to an accountant, you get to do the same, hand it over to me. I studied for 10 years to be able to help you (when you are overwhelmed, someone asking you to ‘hand it over’ is like a warm cup of tea on a cold morning!)
  • ‘Kids’ – Trust me, they will benefit from watching mum invest in herself. Not only are you going to be a better mum for it, you are teaching them the importance of self-care. Priceless.

Ok, So What’s the Plan?

1/ Buy your package (choose whether the direct debit, or outright is for you)

2/ Schedule your consultations\ (we will schedule you other 3 as we go)

3/ Add it to your diary

4/ Read the welcome email and ‘Get Ready’ PDF.

5/ Meet with me at our consultations

Thank you for trusting me with your health and wellbeing.

This is my passion and I put 100% into helping you.

As I mention often, I absolutely cannot wait to start working with you.


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