1/2 hr Garden of Eden Shopping Tour


Confused about what to put in the shopping trolley? Confused about what to eat?

Your not alone!

Do you want a qualified nutritionist/naturopath answering questions and helping you choose foods/brands that suit YOU?

Do you want a discount purchases made that day?

Garden of Eden is a well stocked, reasonably priced health/bulk food store that is offering 10% off all purchases made on the day of your tour.





So how does a ‘shopping tour’ work?

We meet at the allocated time in store and take a shopping tour, where I help you choose foods and ingredients that suit your health goals, lifestyle, budget and needs.

You ask as many questions as you like – pick my brain, I love it!

You take your trolley and make your purchases, with your 10% discount.

You then get to take your food home and enjoy the fact that you have managed to sift through a minefield to get to the gold!

Its time to end the confusion and anxiety of food!



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