'Coming Up for Air' - Resurfacing from Fatigue

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Module #1 - Welcome, Get Real and Get Nourished:

 Welcome - my story, learn about stress/overwhelm/anxiety.

‘Get Real’ – a self assessment (a look at how we are feeling now).

Get Nourished’ – learn how and what to eat to feel better fast!

Module #2 - 'Get Clear, Get Organised and Go Herbal:

‘Get Clear’ – we work out where we want to be, how we want things to look

‘Get Organised’ – simple stratagies to make our lives easier (freeing up time for ourselves)

‘Go Herbal’ – discussion about herbal medicine, and herbs to assist with burnout

Module #3 - 'Chuck it and Get Grateful:

‘Chuck it’ – we learn the easiest way to get rid of things to create space for the things we really want

‘Get Grateful’ – Gratitude will change you life. Period. Learn how to implement a simple practice that will change things for you.

Module #4 - 'Get Strong':

‘Get Strong’ – Learn about how your boundaries with people are affecting your health, and the best ways put boundaries in place (without offending the mother in law!)

Module #5 - 'Get Moving':

‘Get Moving’ – Learn about the certain type of exercise that will shift excess weight in burnout, heal hormones and how to add it to even the busiest schedule with minimum fuss.

Module #6 - 'Get Real (again)':

‘Get real’ (again) – reassess where you are now, to compare to where you started, learn about how celebrating and rewarding yourself impacting your health and strengthens health habits and really cement in the changes you have made for yourself and everyone around you.

What do I get and Why does it Matter?

  • Weekly emails of course content - to avoid over-overwhelm
  • Short videos to explain concepts easily - watch in your own place at your own pace
  • PDF's of all content - Great for when you would prefer to just read it
  • Links to relevant and helpful information - resources that I share with 1:1 patient in my clinic
  • Quizzes to self assess and track progress - the best way to see how far you have come and where you may need to focus some more
  • Designed by a naturopath that specialises in women hormones and burnout - you get access to a lot of the information I share with my 1:1 patients
  • BONUS - Access to the LIVE ROUND - 05th Feb 2018
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The first LIVE round of the 'Coming Up for Air: Resurfacing from Fatigue' ecourse starts 05th Feb 2018:

  • Weekly Q&A webinar - have all your burning questions answered and get personalised advice
  • Extra resources - more information will be added along the way to support your journey - this will be determined by what YOU need at the time - this might be extra webinars, PDF, handouts and website links
  • A supportive environment - women just like you - supported by me

This is going to be a lot of fun, a lot of learning and a way to really support yourself from the comfort of your own home!

I feel like I get to carry Katie around in my pocket, with her good advice and encouragement!

Bonnie Vereker Skin Remedy

Katie has a way of taking a complex subject and explaining it in such a way that it makes complete sense!

Her passion for helping is obvious and the information relevant to how I am feeling.

Michelle Kuramochi Cheeky Chompers

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