Bali, Besties, Babies and Getting Married.

I was getting married!

My best friends and family were willing to come all the way to Bali to join us! (Many of friends live in NZ and have small children…. meaning a couple of flights and transit times makes for a looong day of travelling!)

Seeing my friends (some with children I had not yet met) was incredible.

It has been a tough year for a few of them, with loss and major health concerns.

I was expecting to go to Bali and get married.

The fact that all my friends would be around, all hanging out, was beyond incredible– but ultimately, it was going to be about me getting married.

My wedding day was fantastic! (I felt like I was one of Charlies Angels for the day!)


I had my family, friends and LOTS of onlookers watching us get married (yes, some people who didn’t know me were trying to take photos! Lol)… I got to marry the love of my life.

But the whole holiday was so much more.

Despite thousands of miles, sleepless nights, babies, careers, illness and whatever else life has thrown at us, the friendships that I have been lucky enough to have to fortify my teens, were even better and stronger than ever.

In Bali I had some conversations that humbled me, made me laugh and made me cry.

At points, I watched them (and their children) and tried to etch every moment into my mind, so it could hopefully last forever there – so I could draw on them later.

My friends, family, husband and children have made me realise, as humans, that the most important thing we have is each other.


Your relationship has the ability to make or break your health.


Some of the most health giving things we can ever have is relationships with people we love and cherish – friendships or romantic relationships – that lift us up.

I feel so blessed to have the relationships I have in my life.

I am fascinated watching them change and grow as our lives change and grow.

It is fun 🙂

So enjoy the people in your lives.

As my 81 year-old neighbour told me today, after returning from a lunch ‘full of boring old people’ – you’re a long time dead!’


Xx Katie

Naturopath/Mum/Wife/Friend/Sister/Daughter/Charlies Angel (wannabe)



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