Sleep – how to get it!

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Creating Your Sleep Environment


Your bed

  • Your bed should have enough room to turn and stretch comfortably, (even with a friend or little person sharing it!).
  • Your mattress, pillow and bedding should be the correct firmness and thickness for you to avoid waking with sore back, neck and shoulders (a new pillow and clean sheets is like disneyland for adults).


Your room

  • Keep the noise level down– loud noises are cause of many people finding it difficult to get to sleep. Use a fan, earplugs or low music of relaxing sounds.
  • Keep your room as dark as possible during sleep hours- even light from a television of computer can disturb your sleep. Thick curtains or an eye mask can assist.
  • Keep your room at a comfortable temperature and well ventilated. Make sure there are no drafts from doors or windows interfering with your sleep.
  • Reserve your bed for sleeping- using your bed and bedroom for work, study or completing errands you will develop a habit of associating your bed with negative and stressful tasks. Only use your bed for sleep, snuggling and sex.


Top 5 Essential Oils for Sleep and Relaxation

These oils can be used in a bath, massage oil blend, on your pillow, oil burner or vaporizer or in a cream to apply directly to the skin – only a couple of drops necessary!


  1. Lavender- The ultimate relaxation essential oil
  2. Chamomile- Great as a tea 1 hour before bed
  3. Lemon balm- Balances and neutralizes emotions
  4. Ylang Ylang- A calming essential oil, also useful as an aphrodisiac!
  5. Bergamot- Soothing and uplifting- good tension reliever.


Top 5 Tips for Sleep and Relaxation


  1. Apply at least one of the essential oil suggestions to your sleep routine
  2. The television can portray violent, confronting or mentally stimulating images- so avoid watching TV before bed, especially in your room.
  3. Calming imagery and imagination can be a useful tool in relaxing the mind. While breathing deeply imagine your favourite relaxing place and allow your mind to be taken on a journey there.
  4. Limit caffeine-containing beverages to the morning hours, or if necessary, no later than 2pm. Caffeine is a stimulant that causes a racing mind and more frequent urination, both are things that will prevent and disturb sleep.
  5. If a herbal tea (chamomile is a winner) doesn’t tickle your fancy, a warm glass of milk (only if you can tolerate milk and with no sugar) half an hour to an hour before bed is useful, as it contains tryptophan, a protein that helps people to fall into the first stage of sleep.

We will learn more about things that affect sleep, positively and negatively, in the next few week!


x Katie


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