10 Ways to Reduce Toxins in the Home

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Hi guys, this is one of the more serious blogs that I am going to write……..the amount of toxins that are bombarding our bodies is incredible!

We know that these chemicals are contributing to disease, mental health issues, chronic fatigue, behaviour problems in children and more, much more.

Luckily, there are some ways to minimise your exposure…..the million dollar word here is ‘minimise’……we are never going to completely rid ourselves of exposure, but we can rest assured that we are doing the best we can.

Thats what I’m all about, educating you to make sure you are making the best choices you can!

SO lets get on with it!


1/ Read Labels:

Many businesses employ very clever marketing teams to splash words such as ‘natural’, ‘hypoallergenic’, ‘fragrance free’ or ‘organic’ across their products.

In reality, only a small percentage of the entire product needs to be what they claim to legally be allowed to use that term.

Read labels, get savvy, feel empowered and don’t get ripped off!


2/ Avoid the Nasties:

Several chemicals have been directly linked to particular types of cancers, hormone dysfunction, birth defects and allergic reactions.

Trust me, the list goes on…there is even a new class of chemicals that have been labelled ‘obesigens’, yes, you guessed it – they promote obesity!

Different countries has different rules, so many chemicals that have been deemed ‘safe’ in one country is on the banned list in another – this is leaves everyone confused, and at risk!

Please avoid:

– Parabens                                           – Phthalates                    – Petrolatum

– Sodium laurel sulfate                     -Fragrance                    – Polyglycol

– Mercury                                            – Formaldehyde             – Triclosan

If you have any concerns, further investigate that ingredient before purchasing.

This might seem a little daunting at first, but trust me, you will get good at it, and it is worth it!


3/ Consult a Chemical Database:

Hooray, a bit of a helping hand when trying to decipher if the product in your hot little hand is ok!

– www.hazard.com/msds

This is the safety information resources database –  material safety data sheet

– Grab a copy of ‘The Chemical Maze’ from www.possibility.com.au

This is an amazing little gem that is so easy to use, I have the iPhone App, which is a godsend (BTW, I am not making any money by suggesting these products, I just love them!).


4/ Ditch the Air Freshner:

I may hit a nerve with a few of you with this one…….but I am going to say it anyway……throw the toxic air freshner in the bin and open a window.

Air freshners contain solvents, fragrance and perfumes that are toxic, expensive and simply mask an odour.


– Open a window (easy, free and non-toxic – if its cold, just open it for a little while)

– Burn a 100% pure essential oil in an oil burner – AMAZING!

– Use the air conditioner – make sure its serviced regularly, so its not pushing dust and bacteria around.


5/ Cleaning Products:

Look for non-toxic, plant based cleaning products, or better yet, make your own for a fraction of the price.

A simple mixture of 50% white vinegar and 50% water in a spray bottle makes a great all-purpose spray. Add a couple of drops of lavender or lemongrass essential oils to improve the smell.

Bath/Sink Paste – Make a paste out of baking soda, a squirt of dishwashing liquid and a squeeze of lemon. Dip in cloth and scrub (you can allow the paste to sit on stubborn grime).


6/ Eat Organic or from Farmers Markets Whenever Possible:

This will reduce your exposure to harmful agricultural sprays, hormones and antibiotics – which now you know are harmful in so many ways!

By buying from farmers markets, you are also supporting local, small business – I am so happy to see that farmers markets are popping up everywhere, including inner city areas!


7/ Grow your Own!

Even if its just herbs in a pot – you know it hasn’t been sprayed, its saving you money and the kids ADORE growing and picking their own creations.


8/ Replace Plastic Water Bottles with Stainless Steel:

I know, I know, (nearly) all plastic bottles are now ‘BPA free’……but what about all the other chemicals that are present in plastic?

These chemicals are leached into your drinking water, especially when the bottle heats up (think school drink bottles in summer) – so do yourself and your family a favour and invest in a stainless steel one.


9/ Only if you have to – Microwave:

I can almost hear the collective groan here…but stay with me….microwaves change the molecular structure of our food, making the molecules more unstable, therefore harder for the body to recognise and increasing the production of free radicals – the pesky little things that contribute to chronic illness and disease if they are not ‘mopped up’.

When you are using the microwave, make sure you don’t heat your food in plastic  – transfer to a ceramic or glass container.


10/ Eat/Shop Clean:

Generally, the outer edges of the supermarket contain the whole foods – fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, dairy and eggs.

The middle aisles are home to the highly packaged, highly processed foods.

Where are you doing most of your shopping?

Stick to the edges of your supermarket!


My aim is to educate and motivate, not overwhelm, if this seems too much, try implementing a couple of things…..then in another week, another few things…….remember, this is your life, it is meant to be FUN…..if you are healthy – then you can be happy:)

I would LOVE to hear from you and any changes that you are making, or questions you might have:)




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2 Responses to 10 Ways to Reduce Toxins in the Home

  1. Maire August 18, 2014 at 9:26 am #

    Thanks for the tips katie. Very nice reminder to pull my socks up a bit.

    • Katie Barron August 20, 2014 at 4:46 am #

      No worries Maire! Its actually quite easy to make smaller changes, they add to up to big health benefits! x
      Katie Barron recently posted…10 Ways to Reduce Toxins in the HomeMy Profile

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